• Whitechapel Gallery (map)

The Mexican architect, Tatiana Bilbao, known for her human-centered work delivers a lecture exploring her unique approach to design – addressing ecology, subjectivity and philosophy. We hear from her in the context of a newly commissioned project in collaboration with artist Mariana Castillo Deball for Is This Tomorrow?

In her lecture, Bilbao will discuss the ongoing project developed by her studio Ways of Life, an evolving design for a 21st century house that can transform itself according to the human necessity of being isolated, yet communally connected. The design is developed through the consideration of ‘the 6 strings of life’: Connection with neighbours – Self – Communal & Collective – Semi-individuality – Temporariness – Family. Through a re-imaging of these concepts, the project imagines living space as a breathing organism which opens out or closes; transforming according to the number of dwellers.