• The Colombian Embassy
  • W1B 1AE

The Embassy of Colombia is delighted to invite you to a talk on the role of Bamboo in Colombian by experts David Trujillo and Dr. Héctor Archila.

Colombia is home to quite an extraordinary range of bamboo structures, primarily for housing. The use of bamboo for construction originates from pre-Colombian times and is mostly associated to one very strong and versatile native species: Guadua Angustifolia Kunth.

The talk ‘Building Colombian biodiversity with bamboo’ will outline the history of bamboo construction in Colombia, including the bahareque technique, to more modern architecture, especially the work of Colombian architect Simón Vélez, known for his innovative use of bamboo.

The speakers will also provide an insight into the exciting developments in the nascent field of bamboo engineering, in which they are deeply involved.