• 35-47 Bethnal Green Road
  • London, England, E1 6LA
  • United Kingdom

With The Barbican, Robin Hood Gardens and Thamesmead, East London is home to some of the great modernist architectural projects of the 20th Century.

Perhaps no project, however, quite rivals the scale of Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasília: a utopia in the desert designed to birth “the new Brazilian citizen”.

Accompanied by a haunting, poetic score, director Bart Simpson’s camera moves meditatively through the beautiful concrete connecting individual stories of isolation, struggle and hope with the ambitious tale of the city itself.

Brasília: Life After Design brings a human face to a utopian ideal and asks the question: What is it like to live in someone else’s idea?

Following the screening filmmaker Bart Simpson will join a panel of experts to discuss the legacy and future of Brasilia and modernist projects in Brazil, the UK and beyond.