• Arup (map)
  • 8 Fitzroy Street
  • London, England, W1T 4BJ
  • United Kingdom

Join the City Architecture Forum and Arup knowledge café for an evening filled with interactive and engaging discussion on the best practices, innovation and challenges in shaping better buildings and communities.

The talk explores the value of health and wellbeing measures in builing design and city planning, diving into a range of topics such as air quality, healthy building design, active transportation and more.

If we want to reliably enhance well-being, building design needs to move beyond optimising single parameters such as temperature and humidity, to include more holistic approaches that take their cues in supporting healthy behaviours for its occupants. Planners, architects and engineers play a critical role in shaping the qualities of our environment; they work in collaboration with end users and meeting their needs and ambitions, and they have the power to restore and promote cohesion, mental and physical health.


17:30 for 17:45
Light refreshments to follow
Dress; smart casual