• 29 Percy Street
  • London

This evening event will give an opportunity to tour The Layered Gallery with the owners and architect Gianni Botsford. 
The Layered Gallery replaces the three storey closet wing of an 18th Century Grade II Georgian town house in Bloomsbury, to provide storage and display of art, a toilet, an outdoor kitchen and areas to sit in the sun and look onto the garden.
Working with the Landscape architect, Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Gianni Botsford Architects approached the design as a garden building that works with the historical techniques of pattern and layering that were originally devised due to the height of Georgian houses and how small their gardens were- they were gardens to look at from above.
The entire tree like façade of the gallery is supported by a weathering steel frame made from flat stiffened plates branching out over the three?storey structure and supported off just two 120 x 12mm steel posts with a stiffening rib on the rear face.
Unusually however, and in a reversal of the usual structural hierarchy, the façade is also the main structural frame of the gallery and supports all the floors and roof, as well as providing stability.
From a layer of plants the hope is that they will eventually cover the building, to the structure and layer of glazing and framing, to blinds, sliding racks to store art, a secret toilet, and finally the original brick garden wall, the layers deal not only with history and materials, but also the relationship to nature and light, display and privacy.
Here weathering steel was chosen due to its structural and self-maintaining ability, and was used not only for all structural and external elements, but also for most of the internal furniture and fittings.
The architects overlapped opposing programmes of a toilet with storage for art, and sunbathing with viewing art. They made the room as narrow as the swing of the window, made column free space to create an atmosphere of lightness, and borrowed a sense of space from the courtyard.
The tour will include the first 3 floors of the main house, known as Light and Dark House. 
Limited places, cost £35.50 with complimentary prosecco and nibbles.