• The Building Centre (map)
  • 26 Store Street
  • London
  • WC1E 7BT

This event brings together Amin Taha, architect and principal of Groupwork + Amin Taha, with Steve Webb, engineer and founder of WebbYates, to reflect on their ongoing collaboration.

Both favour an approach to form and structure that holds materials supreme. Their truth-to-materials ethos has set them apart from contemporary practice, with the outcomes of their collaborations widely celebrated and described by critic Rowan Moore as ‘poetry set in stone’.

The roughly chiselled exo-skeleton of 15 Clerkenwell Close, designed by Groupwork + Amin Taha in collaboration with WebbYates, has recently made headlines for being only one year old and the recipient of both a RIBA prize and a demolition order. While it might polarise opinion, the project has carved out a place for itself in the architectural imagination, and perhaps architectural history, for its integral use of stone and iconic unapologetic reference to the form and processes of quarrying limestone.

Taha and Webb will reflect on the aims of this project, its complex construction, and discuss their resurrection of ancient construction methods that combine form and function, arguably lost to generations of reinforced concrete until their collaboration.

Registration will be from 6.00pm and the event will start at 6.30pm. The evening will conclude after an audience Q&A.