• Camden Arts Centre (map)
  • Arkwright Road
  • London, England, NW3 6DG
  • United Kingdom

Artist Antoni Malinowski presents an illustrated talk on colour, space and time within the work of Nathalie Du Pasquier.

Challenging modes of representation, Milan-based artist Nathalie Du Pasquier traverses boundaries between art and design. Du Pasquier became known in the early 1980s as a founding member of the Italian design collective Memphis. Since 1987 she has focused on painting, creating bold, abstract and still life compositions which play with architectural planes and perspective.

In Other Rooms, Du Pasquier expands beyond the canvas to inhabit the entirety of the gallery spaces as a field of composition. Modular designs and geometric shapes cover the walls, transforming the galleries into an immersive environment of constructed landscapes. As with her early design work, these vividly-coloured compositions examine the expressive relationship between two- and three-dimensional forms, space and representation to navigate ways of viewing the world. The installation also houses a new series of drawings made daily throughout the summer alongside seven new ceramic sculptures, one for each day of the week, developed from Du Pasquier’s sustained interest in the subtle autobiographical nature of the still life.

Other Rooms represents Du Pasquier’s desire to transform spaces with her own means, devoid of architectural rules and utilising the tools of the painter – line, colour and form – to transport the viewer to another place.