We sat down together and brainstormed ideas, until one stuck - we called it ‘London Whispers’.

Led by Juan and Maria, our proposal incorporated a strong, geometric curved form, carved out within, to create a scaled replica of St. Paul’s cupola. Strips of vibrant red textiles, referencing London’s iconic buses and phone boxes, would be suspended in varying lengths to form the shape of the cupola in a light-weight and transparent volume. At the base of this cupola, QR codes would be suspended, providing information and wayfinding for the events curated by the London Festival of Architecture. The QR codes would be orientated relative to their geographic location - a contemporary ‘Whispering Gallery’ of information.  

view st paul.jpg

The Whispering Gallery, which sits at the base of the cupola at St. Paul’s cathedral, is so known because if you whisper along the curved wall people will be able to hear you, even if they are located 33m away on the opposite side of the void. The QR codes incorporated into the design would be a modern interpretation of this phenomenon.

view barbican.jpg

The transparency of the textiles would create a variety of effects as both light and wind pass through them. From the inside of the cupola, the positioning of different layers of fabric would offer new views of the historic context of the installation, while exploring the notion of boundary and isolation, referencing the theme of LFA 19.

 Link here if you’d like to see the entire submission: